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In the spring of 1981, the basis for Refractory Technology LLC was launched in a small office in Santa Fe Springs, California. The idea was to supply state-of-the-art refractory technology for all aspects for the Aluminum Industry; molten aluminum handling, transfer and casting. Refractory Technology  LLC, quickly grew from warehousing and representing speciality refractories and consumable products to a medium size refractory construction company.


By the end of 1984 Refractory Technology  LLC added the callability of designing and building various types of refractory heating and melting equipment.


In 1987 the company made a move to Chicago, leasing a small building and setting up a manufacturing facility. They went into the production of high temperature thermal concretes used in melting, holding and transfer equipment for molten aluminum and other non-ferrous metals.


In 1988 the company was sold and it’s founder went back to the roots of the company and searched out the best and latest in molten aluminum technology. He is currently represents a wide variety of latest and greatest in molten aluminum expendable technology .


Refractory Technology LLC is owned and operated by the original antecedents of the company and have established a  reputation as the  “RESOURCE” to the non-ferrous industries globally.

Interesting Facts

The first known item made form aluminum was a baby rattle - made for Napoleon III in the 1850s. Napoleon also provided his most honored guest with knives and forks made of pre aluminum. At the time, the newly discovered metal was so rare, it was considered more valuable than gold.

Napoleon Bonaparte
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