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Tap Hole Cones

ISAFORM boards and shapes are lightweight high temperature Refractory Ceramic Fiber (RCF) and Non-RCF products manufactured using ISA's vacuum forming process. All I SA FORM products offer low thermal conductivity, high temperature stability, uniform density, as well as excellent resistance to chemical attack and thermal shock. The versatility of the I SAFORM product lines allow ISA to satisfy all of your high temperature insulation needs economically and efficiently.

Vacuum Formed Starter Tubes

Metal Industry

  • Tap Hole Cones

  • Starter Tubes

  • Gaskets

  • Ladle Liners

  • Batch Testing Ladles

  • Hot Tops

Industrial Furnaces/Kilns

  • Insulating Boards

  • Large Sleeves

  • ISADucts and Tees

  • Burner Blocks

  • Sight Ports

Batch Testing Ladles
Vacuum Formed Starter Tubes


SAFORM CB is an economical solution for insulation requirements when the maximum use temperature does not exceed 2000°F. This blend of Mineral Wool Fibers and RCF has a typical density range of 12-20 pcf, making this material an excellent choice for back-up insulation as well as many other applications.​


Sight Ports

Available in temperature grades ranging from 2300°F - 3000°F with uniform densities from 14-18 pcf. The LD products possess excellent compressibility characteristics and are commonly used when forming complex shapes as well as boards.

Burner Blocks
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