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Moldable Ceramic Paste

ISA-CP Ceramic Paste contains a sticky, water-based refractory binder with ceramic fibers which allows the product to be easily applied by caulking, troweling, or hand forming. It is the proven choice for a wide range of application problems such as flame impingement, erosion, and hard to insulate areas. ISA-CP Ceramic Paste possesses at a high temperature and thermal shock resistance, along with excellent insulation properties. It can be applied in thin cross sections without slumping, eliminating the need to install in layers. ISA-CP Ceramic Paste, when air dried, becomes hard, strong and erosion resistant. In addition, it contains inhibitors making it resistant to the reactive and wetting effects of molten aluminum and its various alloys. Sites testing the ISA-CP Ceramic Paste have given positive feedback as to this material is a new industry leader.

Moldable Ceramic Paste Spec Sheet
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