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Years of experience have allowed us to focus on quality products and suppliers for the aluminum industry's growing demands.
Our graphite supplier has over 30 years of experience and has earned the title of “expert” at machining graphite, carbon, and graphite composite. Their technical expertise and an engaged workforce is the driving force behind their success. They are committed to quality and competitive pricing. Have a special need, give us a call and let's see if we can solve it.

Proud to Represent:

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We can provide a wide range of product to the aluminum industry including

• Canisters     

• Disperser Heads     

• Diffusion Heads     

• Fluxing Tubes     

• Filter Box Tubes     

• Flow Control Cones     

• Lubricating Rings     

• Molds     

• Porous Graphite Diffusion Heads     

• Rotors, Impellers and Shafts   

• Runout Plates     

• Steady Eddy Rods


Graphite rotors, impellers, and shafts for aluminum gas injection systems.


Graphite Ring installed in a billet casting mold.


Graphite canisters for aluminum extrusion.

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